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Corten, the nature
in modern vision

We are a group of designers and experts in the field of metalworking.
We create modern flower pots, garden accessories and industrial elements that catch the eye and intrigue. In our projects, we use Corten - a special type of steel that under the influence of weather conditions is covered with a thin layer of rust-like coating, giving it a unique character. Corten steel is increasingly used by architects and interior decorators who include our products in their designs.

Donica Od Architekta Corten -
Donica Geometryczna Corten -


Our mission is
creative approach to design

Flowerpots coming out of our craft are most often chosen by customers for modern projects that retain the natural note of beauty that the rust coating of our products presents. Our production standards and the quality of the selected material have been repeatedly recognized by the recipients using our solutions. Our production facilities allow us to respond immediately to each individual inquiry, in accordance with the author's boldest vision - we do not close ourselves to new ideas!

Perfect for your garden Corten steel burners


for your needs

At Cortena Design, we think outside the box. We know that each house or garden design is a separate work of art and requires an individual approach. In addition to dozens of standard sizes and types of pots, we are able to implement any project made by the architect or our clients.


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