Usage of Corten Steel

Landscaping with the use of Corten Steel

Corten steel is a material with many applications – practical, aesthetic and decorative. For instance, modern pots made from Corten steel can be used in various sizes. Such pots will decidedly improve the look of your garden, providing it with a unique beauty and style. They are perfect for outdoor design, introducing a breath of natural and modern style.

Corten steel has not only aesthetic look, but it is also resistant to weather conditions. It is almost completely maintenance free. Under the top layer of rust there is special protective coating, which prevents corrosion.

Corten Zastosowanie -

Corten in architecture

Corten steel is recommended for production of pots and other products that are used in landscaping, as containers, transmission and television towers, mechanical structures of buildings, warehouses, cladding systems of buildings and industrial facilities, green roofs, bridges, all types of fences, sculptures, street furniture, such as streetlamps, pergolas, hearths, grills, etc.

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